Window Tints for Customizing A Car

Tinting your car window can be a reward but it can also be a loss. Becomes an advantage because on the way you will look best compared to other cars on the highway, but it becomes a disadvantage because it is hindered by traffic rules that prohibit certain colors in tinting car windows. Tinting car windows is actually quite simple and one of the cheapest ways is with customized tinting your car window.


There are many reasons why people might put up window tints, there are many reasons, but I will explain three main reasons:

1. Car window tinting can reduce the heat because of sunlight up to 80%

2. Car window tinting can block the danger of ultraviolet rays (UV rays) up to 90%, this is very useful because UV rays can cause skin cancer.

3. Car window tinting can keep your valuables visible from the outside, thus blocking the potential for theft (especially in big cities and metropolitan areas)

Car window tints are the most inexpensive and effective way of customizing your vehicle. Based on the study, 99.9% of people wishing to have the color of their car windows adjusted to the color of the car if they have spare time. This small check list will ensure that you are making a mistake;

1. You must be aware of you state tint laws

2. Do not under any conditions turn your windows down while the film is still wet.

3. Make sure your tints match on all windows before you complete the job.

Tinting your vehicle give its personality

Using window tinting for your car, can make your car has a noticeable difference in the physical appearance of the car. This will give a unique impression to your vehicle. If you have a 64 Chevy Impala on 20 inch rims; you’re flossing. But without tints you loose that extra look to your vehicle; it just looks too plain. Adjusting your window tint is also something that is widely used; from the presidential limo to the 1993 Cressida. Window tinting has become so common it has become a customization that is almost like having air fresheners in your car.

Pros and  Cons of  Window tinting

Window tint is mostly used by young drivers because of its cheap price, but on the other hand this phenomenon can attract the attention of the highway police. Police do not like the dark colors on the highway because it can harm and cause accidents due to reduced visibility. It’s tough because you want to look cool and you want to keep away criminals; but at the same token the cops treat you like you are a criminal.

Each country has its own rules regarding the use of window tints, it may feel unfair to drivers who are always traveling to several states. For example in New York, the light entering the car should be about 70% producing ions and the thickness of the protective glass of 6 “.so how is the regulation in your country? I hope it can benefit you.

Electric Scooter – Razor E200

Is the E200 electric scooter so worth your purchase?

Electric razor E200 scooters is one type of scooter that is a popular in the market. This article I write with the intent to help you get all the information about your decision to buy electric scooter. Razor e200 electric scooter review explains all matters related to the benefits that you can get if you buy this product.

Here is the review :

The Razor kids electric scooter comes with a variety of design models. Such as sit-down models such as Razor E300 and E500 type. Another model is the E200 scooters with a stand-up model that can make your child or yourself more fun and challenging if driving. You can enjoy the joy of skating on the quiet highway, enjoying the natural scenery while standing with speed.

The model of razor e200 is a safe toy for your children, this toy is considered an environmentally friendly and harmless toy in our environment. Has an adjustable handle bar height according to the rider, its speed up to 12 miles per hour is quite safe if driven by a child and also not too slow to boost adrenaline.

Compared to gas power or other fuel scooters, razor e200 electric scooter uses 100% electric battery. You can recharge the battery before using it. This advanced electric battery does not emit the toxic fumes and emissions that you get from a gas powered scooter. You can feel good about purchasing this type of toy and know that it is not contributing to the world’s air pollution concern.

With a battery capacity of 45 minutes for each battery. Very suitable for your children aged 12 years and over, visiting their friends who are in a small alley around the corner of the store. Well .. very good for your child. But do not forget to use security equipment, kids !!?

Should you buy electric scooters online ?, there are many benefits that you get if buying online among other time-saving, have plenty of time to research products that you will buy casually at home because usually razor e200 review gives you all great information you need, like Performance, Quick Specifications, pros and cons, type and model, even you can see a video about the toy. After you see everything, decide whether the toy matches your child’s play needs. Razor e200 reviews can also minimize fraud in buying and selling.

Put the Wrong Fuel in Car

Mistakes in using fuel for vehicles is an unusual problem, not everyone knows about it. But most gas stations that have a variety of fuel products sometimes make motorists wrong or accidentally refuel the commonly used. Maybe you do not pay attention to the fuel when charging to the car tank, you put diesel fuel into your petrol tank. Sometimes this incident looks embarrassing, because it shows a person’s lack of certainty. But in reality many car riders let gas station workers fill their vehicles with wrong fuel. Wrong fuel in car can cause serious problems, diesel fuel is lubricant and propelline, so putting petroleum in diesel car can remove engine lubricant so that metal component in machine rubbing each other. If petrol in input into diesel cars is clearly bad news for the owners of vehicles, it is certain that the car engine will be destroyed and damaged.

In fact, Wrong fuel in car happens a lot. Even this is common in England, because at that time the diesel engine was popular. In 2011 an estimated 150,000 car drivers made the mistake of refueling petroleum in their diesel engine cars. So..How is the condition to date?

If the wrong fuel in car happens to you, and you feel inadvertently do not rush into your car, or even turn it on to your car’s dead item. Engine damage due to fuel refuel error actually starts when you run the car. It’s good if you get out of this mistake you better stop and dry your car tank. Because if more than 10% of fuel into the rotation of the car engine, the car is guaranteed to be damaged and it takes longer tank drying the car.

Most of the garage will be willing to solve your car fuel problem, but they need big enough capital to solve your car problem. At this time many large automotive companies are sensitive to the problem of wrong fuel in car. If you are experiencing this problem Do not panic Do not turn on the car’s engine, Call wrong fuel experts, Relax and just wait because most companies wrong fuel in car ready 24 hr mobile fuel drain service. You just need to give the full address where you have problems and mobile service will immediately pick up and resolve your problem.

One thing that is usually forgotten by car owners, namely the warranty period. If your car is still under warranty period just contact the company where you bought the car and ask what action you should do. The company’s service will be happy to take the time to answer your questions. The company will usually pull your car and take it to the nearest garage.

Healthy Fluids For Your Car

Car as well as humans need healthy food to be able to walk well. If one might make some fanciful analogies to the food pyramid, there are several liquids which add up to well-rounded nourishment of a car. There is gasoline, the bread; oil, the meat and potatoes; antifreeze, the vegetables; wiper fluid, the fruits; and water (for washing), the dairy. Though perhaps not exact parallels, the metaphor still stands.

Although gasoline will be more expensive but you should still think about the health of your car. If you fill up with regular petrol, treat your car every once in a while to a higher octane-which is the gas’s resistance to combustion. You should run your car frequently and use up the gas; though no one likes the idea of using more than necessary, gas has the tendency to gum up if left idle too long.

Oil-The oil should be changed every three-thousand miles, or every three-to-six months. Oil serves several key functions: lubricating parts to increase longevity, keeping oxygen from having direct contact with parts (and therefore keeping rust at bay), and keeping the engine at safe temperatures. Clean oil is vital to the health of your car, and oil changes-though frequently needed-are quick and financially painless. The average oil change takes about a half-hour and costs somewhere in the realm of $30 to $60.

Antifreeze-As we all know from sticking a water bottle in the freezer, water expands as it turns solid. Though a plastic bottles shape warps far easier than metal, winter weather still has the potential to wreak havoc on engines. Antifreeze lowers the freezing point so water will not clog, deform, or freeze together parts of an engine.

Windshield wiper fluid-Though water can be used just as easily, some wiper fluids contain antifreeze for winter driving. An alternative to this is the automatic preheating of fluid before it is sprayed onto the windshield. Durable, non-streaking wipers are an important facet to go in tandem with the fluid.

Water-It is important to wash your car every two-to-three months, especially in winter. Road salt and debris can build up and cause rust or other harm. On top of the aesthetic benefits of a clean car, tires lose traction under too much filth and important damage to a car could be hidden under a heavy layer of dirt. Automatic car washes that power-spray the tires and bottom of a car are a safe bet, though nothing beats washing a car by hand.

Although we are constantly hearing about weight and health for ourselves, little attention is paid to the health of our car. Remember our car bring our family for our safety too, keep the liquid so that your car can run well and perfect can meet your requirement.

Car Service Base on Distance

It’s better to keep your car from breaking down rather than having to fix it hard, preventing a strike car also takes a bit of money than putting the car into a service workshop. Therefore always pay attention to your car manual instructions, when your car should be in service. If you continue to pay attention to your engine lubricant then you can reduce the occurrence of engine damage and the machine will last longer.

If your driving consists of a lot of short trips around town it will always be hard on the motor oil. The oil keeps the engine running smooth but it also protects the engine and makes sure all the various parts are being greased. To help the oil do the job you need to add various additives to the oil so you get better quality oil that is able to resist the elements better. If you shop around then you will find that there are a variety of different additives which can help decrease the use of oil in older cars and will also assist in the wear of the engine.

For short trips you may just need to service your car and reform the engine oil more than just driving on the highway. Car dealers and mechanic  advise to replace engine oil and filters between 3,000 to 7,500 kilometers. But it depends on how often your vehicle is in use.

Maybe you got different information about when the right time to change your car oil. If you do a little research, based on various information, you will find that the suggestion or general opinion that for the replacement of your oil and car filters is done every 3,000 kilometers or so every six months.

Servicing and maintaining your car is essential for driving comfort as well as to extend the life of the car. Please cross your calendar as a reference time to change your lubricant oil and filter your car